Enslave The Zombie – Pig Sweat: Stream / Download

The Enslave The Zombie album Stiff-Eyed Astronoughts includes a cover of Pig Sweat by Pussy Galore which can be downloaded or streamed on bandcamp.com.

nb: Enslave The Zombie is Albert Baker (aged 9 as of Feb 2018) who is assisted by his father Gavin Baker.

Download ‘Pig Sweat’ (Free) or stream the full ‘Stiff Eyed Astronaughts’ album here: https://enslavethezombie.bandcamp.com/track/pig-sweat

Recorded in 2018 by Albert Baker.
Vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards by Albert Baker.
Bo Baker plays keyboards on Bosong.

Written by Albert Baker except:
Autumn Leaves written by Tripod Jimmie.
Pig Sweat written by Pussy Galore.
Creep In The Cellar & Concubine written by Butthole Surfers.

Rotations ZOM015.

Released August 17, 2018

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