Peach of Immortality: Nine Disc Compilation feat. Jon Spencer

Peach of Immortality – Surrealismus: Paris Prag Rockville.

Nine CD compilation on Karl Schmidt Verlag by Tom Smith featuring Jon Spencer on “Live, 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (8 December 1985)” and “Six Times Since (URA, 1985) long sequence”.

The digital version costs €39, and the physical edition will be €59 plus postage

Due to be available online here

The tracks featuring Jon Spencer can be streamed in full on the bandcamp page:

Complete Performance (Live, 9​.​30 Club, Washington, DC, 8 Dec 85):

Six Times Since (Sequence) (Westminster Basement Session, 26 Nov 1985):

Photo Credit: “POI: 1985, recording the Six Times Since album with Jon Spencer, my then-bandmate in Pussy Galore.” – Tom Smith

“Laughing here while listening to the 9:30 performance from December 8, 1985. Those elfin twerps from Jesus and Mary Chain were so livid that they locked us out of the dressing room – as if we could have given half a shit. Really, the best intro to any show, ever – Jared slicing up his guitar case and bearing down on the strings with an electric razor, Rogelio doubling and tripling with his wah-wah cello, me manipulating Led Zep‘s “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” and Jon Spencer soloing during the breaks at several levels of fetid mania above the Reid brothers‘ capabilities. (And, unfortunately, for a minute or so, an idiot at the mixing desk bellowing into the house mic to make light of it all.) I‘m amazed we pulled it off without police interference. When we did our Mary Chain manip, holy fuck. The spittle hit the sporran!” – Tom Smith (28 December 2017)



OA = original album
URA = unreleased album

Disc One (74:56)
… need “Thee” (OA) (12 July 84)
7th Street Rehearsal (17 Dec 85)
Above, Damien Zisk (URA, 1987)
AC/DC “That’s the Way” edit (04-90)
Black Man Dick Look Like White Terd (URA, 1986)
“E” Making of Salisbury (URA, 1985)
The Best MUX! (OA, 1986)

Disc Two (70:24)
Fendi “Kampf” Clutch (aka Bluebeard’s Blackout) (URA, 1987)
Ginsberg Basement Rehearsal, Rockville, MD
History of Duane Allman (URA, 1985)
Live, Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC (feat. Patrick Miller from Minimal Man) (18 Nov 84)
Stud Father (URA, 1985)

Disc Three (74:04)
Live, Nexus CAC, Atlanta, GA (31 Mar 89)
Medea (URA, 1987)
“Jehovah” My Black Ass – R.E.M. Is Air Supply! (OA)
REM Session #1 1986
Succession of One (aka Of Odious Kin) (URA, 1986)

Disc Four (76:08)
Talking Heads 77 (OA, 1985)
Taxi zum Shoah (URA, 1990)
The Baptist Hymnal (Initial Sessions) (URA, 1987)
A/B Edits (June-Aug 1985)

Disc Five (71:43)
The Baptish Hymnal (URA, 1987)
Live, WREK-FM, Atlanta, GA (1 June 88)
Six Times Since (URA, 1985) long sequence (feat. Jon Spencer)

Disc Six (75:27)
Final Hardart Session (2 June 85)
Sinatra/Xenakis (from Reel 1) (URA, 1988)
La Taranta (OA, lost, 1987)
Black Man Dick Look Like White Terd (original configuration)

Disc Seven (72:30)
Live, T.T. the Bear’s, Cambridge, MA (30 Oct 86)
Live, Downstairs, Athens, GA (9 Nov 89)
Live, The Chamber, Washington, DC (5 Oct 89)
Live, Porter Ellis Community Center, Macon, GA (excerpt) (9 Jan 86)
“180 Grady” (B-side of 1990 single “Ponyfur”) (TLS four-channel backing track derived from TS edit) (Oct

Disc Eight (72:49)
Live, WREK-FM, Atlanta, GA (8 Jan 86) (feat. Mike Green on computer)
Noise NY Session Anomalies (1-2 Apr 87)
Live, WCVT-FM, Towson State University, Towson, MD (25 May 87)
Live, Fallout Shelter, Raleigh, NC (excerpt) (5 Jan 86)

Disc Nine (76:18)
“E” Making of Salisbury (original live dub, mixed by Jad Fair & Don Fleming)
Live, 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (8 Dec 85) (also part of Stud Father) (feat. Julia Cafritz and Jon Spencer)
Ginsberg Basement Rehearsal, Rockville, MD (25 Aug 86)
Live, d.c. space, Washington, DC (17 Aug 85) (edit from 1985)
Westminster Basement Rehearsal, Washington, DC excerpt (10 Nov 85)

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